I am sassy. I am strong. I am me.

Bitte entschuldige, dass mein Blog mittlerweile lauter Unikram so ein Leichenblog geworden ist, erst ab ende Juli kann ich wieder posten und zwar dann auch regelmäßig, mindestens ein Blogpost im Monat 😀 Nun empflehle ich euch auf meine Pal @Teamariastyle vorbei zu schauen, sie hat eine sehr interessante Aktion names Potraits of us.Das ganze ist auf Englisch, viel Spaß dabei und bis Bald.

Euer Aphro Dexterouss



She sits down in front of the camera and slightly tilt’s her head to the side. “ So, what do you want to know about me then? „


Silver blond hair, sassy mouth- she has that intense look about her. Yet once you get underneath there’s a loving, kind hearted witty girl who is not afraid to love. In this article of Portraits of us we will dive into her career, family and life.


About confidence

“ Confidence is all about having self worth. “  She say’s as she strikes her straight ashy hair. “ Looking back at myself four years ago- confidence was the key. I would get home from work knowing I’d done my best that day. We all have insecurities, but what I’ve learned is that you can only be confident once you have found yourself. It might sound impossible, it does take a lot of…

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